About Us

Akagi Auto has been exporting cars around the world and in particular from Japan since 1997. As one of the oldest car export companies in the world we have built a wealth of experience.

We are not a large company and intend to keep it that way, we are based in our core markets of Japan, the UK and the US.

Across the value chain we are a tight knit business. Our buyers in Japan are Japanese and all have extensive experience in terms of valuing vehicles, assessing repairs and mechanical condition. Shipping and container loading is outsourced to 2 companies both of which we have worked with for a long time and have built up a great deal of mutual trust with. Customs is handled by a single firm, the staff of which have been doing our customs clearance since day one.

As a global team, we have all worked together for a long time, we know each others families, we go to each others weddings. We treat our clients in the same way, building relationships based on trust that last.

Historically we supplied trade clients across the world but over recent years we have made the decision to discontinue this line of business and focus solely on supplying low volumes of quality cars with genuine mileage direct to end users.

The three main service fields we operate in are as follows:

  • Supply of new and used cars for immediate export from Japan or the US
  • Supply of registered imports in the UK and USA
  • Supply of new and used cars for use in Japan
  • Export services for vehicle owners in Japan

Akagi Auto is a UK registered Limited company (historically trading under the Rexis name). Akagi is a mountain in Japan and our home when we are back in Japan.

Akagi Auto car exporting cars since 1997. Japan, USA, UK.