Number Plates

Akagi Auto car exporting cars since 1997. Japan, USA, UK.


Numberplates are too often an afterthought. Japanese cars sold in the home market (and US cars in their home market) have number plate spaces designed for a specific sized plate. In the UK we too often squeeze in odd size number plates such as bike or 4x4 plates which really detract from the appearance of the vehicle. Fitting a properly sized plate really improves the appearance of an imported cars and makes the plate stand out as a perfect fit rather than a bodged afterthought.

Akagi Auto have invested in a state of the art number plate machine and are registered with the DVLA in the UK to produce correctly sized import plates. These plates are perfectly legal for road use in the UK and completely change the appearance of your vehicle.

The DVLA states that your imported vehicle can display a smaller sized number plate if it “(1) does not have European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval and (2) is so constructed that the area available for the fixing of the registration plate precludes the display on the plate of a registration mark in conformity with the requirements of regulation 14” The font sizes that can be use are strictly regulated and we only manufacture ‘on-road’ plates that conform to this legislation.

We can also create "show Plates" for display purposes off the road.

A set of fully road legal UK import sized plates is £25 delivered in England and Wales. You can select if you would like a UK sized front plate if this will fit on your car, we also sell UK front mounts which do set off the car. Please get in touch for further details.

Akagi Auto car exporting cars since 1997. Japan, USA, UK.